Connected to Runterra’s hidden power, Ahri is a Vastaya who can turn magic into a ball of energy. She likes to play with her prey through an emotional manipulation that slowly instead devours their own lives. Aside from his natural predator instinct, Ahri always feels empathy from the memory she wrested from every soul he consumes.

Abandoned in a snowy wilderness in northern Ionia, Ahri was still very small when she was left with a pair of diamonds there alone. At that time, she was picked up by a group of ice foxes who were hunting breakfast, before they finally adopted Ahri to be part of them.

With no one teaching her about witchcraft, Ahri could absorb it all from the world around her, and reshape it into a force that helps her move faster when hunting for prey. If she was close enough, she could even win the panic deer despite Ahri’s canine teeth piercing into her neck.

Ahri first met humans when hordes of soldiers gathered near her lair. Their behavior is so strange for Ahri. Intrigued, Ahri watched them from a distance. Her attention was very much focused on the figure of the leader, who unlike others, had several animal limbs like her. It reminded her of her fox family.

When the leader was injured as a result of being hit by an arrow, Ahri felt his soul would soon disappear. She then instinctively took the soul and left her body just like that. Carrying the memory of that person, Ahri saw that her lover had died because of a war. All died, both her children and her hometown. For some reason, Ahri felt a sensation that was so scary but on the other hand was fun.

With the soul of the hunter figure taken earlier, Ahri felt her body become more alive than before. Starting there, Ahri began to explore Ionia in search of prey. Ahri really enjoys the way she plays with her prey, controlling their emotions before finally sucking their souls. She has that good way by showing her beauty, she also has the ability to make them hallucinate, or even give nightmares.

Ahri grew up sucking so many souls that should not be hers. From the memory she saw, Ahri witnessed how people pledged allegiance in a temple of darkness, a sacrifice to the god of the sun incarnation, witnessed a Vastaya tribe speaking to her in song form, and glimpsed in the view of the vast mountains he had inever seen before . She also suffered greatly when she saw the massacre carried out by Noxus on people in Ionia.

Ahri was shocked when she saw the memory that brought her to know about the legend of the demon fox figure. As he smoked more souls, Ahri slowly dug up about the legend. Until finally, the thing that she feared from this myth was true. She is nothing more than a cruel monster. Slowly, after Ahri spent a lot of time looking for prey from time to time, he felt that his strength began to fade, and everything was not like it used to be.

Ahri tests herself by starting to consume the souls of her prey with a lower amount, enough to take memory but not enough to kill. She was successful, for a moment, but the hunger inside her was unbearably longer.

Tormented by the mistakes she made, Ahri could not forgive herself and felt the sadness that forced her to question the meaning of her life. Ahri fled herself to a cave in the forest, isolating herself in the hope of controlling herself. Years later, with the determination to live the life of what she saw before his eyes, Ahri promised never to take anyone’s life again. Armed with a pair of gemstones that reveal her true identity, Ahri is looking for a figure out there who is similar to her. She will never want to borrow memories and dreams that are not hers.

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