Akira was originally a manga created by Ootomo Katsuhiro, a manga artist who is also a story writer and also a film director. The Akira Manga was first published serially in the Young Magazine weekly comic magazine starting in August 1982 and ending in 1990.

Then in 1988, animations based on the manga were shown in theaters. The ending of the animation is different from the manga version, because the animation was created and aired before the manga series in the comic magazine ended. The cost spent to make the animation is quite fantastic at around 1 billion yen, with workmanship that takes around 3 years.

Akira recounts the events that occurred in 2019, which is 31 years after a new type of bomb was detonated in the Kanto area in July 1988, which then triggered WW3. The situation in Tokyo after World War 3 was destroyed, so that a new megapolitan was built under the name “Neo Tokyo” with its location in Tokyo Bay. The “old” ruined Tokyo is called kyuushigai (old / old city). Neo Tokyo is preparing for the Olympics, which will be held in 2020.

Yes, the 2020 Olympics!

This is an interesting fact. Because of the fact, Tokyo is currently preparing for the 2020 Summer Olympics. Is it a coincidence?

Could it be that Ootomo as the author of the Akira manga, he has supernatural powers (a force that is also the focus of this manga / animation) so that he can predict what will happen in the future, especially regarding the Olympics?

Storyline summary

At the beginning of the animation, a scene from a vocational training school student is shown being commanded by Kaneda, then his colleague Tetsuo and other friends are speeding on a motorbike on the highway. Then suddenly a child who appeared strange in the middle of the road appeared, making Tetsuo who was riding a motorcycle at high speed shocked and fell.

Then came the soldier who then brought a strange-looking child, also Tetsuo, who was still unconscious after the accident. The army is actually experimenting with supernatural abilities on some people who look weird like children. They were made guinea pigs by the army.

Tetsuo, although previously no one, was taken by the army to be made a guinea pig as well. But apparently later on, Tetsuo could have tremendous supernatural powers. His strength can then equal, even exceeding the strength of “Akira” which is the main element of the experiments conducted by the army.

Kaneda as Tetsuo’s best friend along with Kei who is described as a rebel guerrilla girl member, tried to save Tetsuo who was held captive in an army facility. However, Tetsuo tried to avoid Kaneda by using his supernatural powers. Tetsuo, with his own ambitions, tried to go to the place where Akira was kept, which was in an underground facility located under the area that would be used for the Olympics.

Both Kaneda and his colleagues tried to prevent Tetsuo’s wishes. But Tetsuo managed to enter the facility and “free” Akira. It was revealed here that it turns out that Akira is only a form of brain tissue that is stored in a preservative solution.

The army that tried to attack Tetsuo, was paralyzed and helpless against Tetsuo’s supernatural power. With that strength, Tetsuo’s body gradually became large and his physical form turned into frightening. But finally, some people who had supernatural powers and had been the army guinea pigs, helped Kaneda. They then succeeded in defeating, then getting rid of Tetsuo to another dimension.

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