Anne Takamaki

With so many attractive female characters who fortunately do not “fall” on a variety of boring standard anime tropes, every gamer seems to have their own “waifu” when we talk about Persona 5. This condition is increasingly charming when interpersonal relations between each character do feel important through a few emotional moments and sides of the conversation that deserve thumbs up. For the latest musou game they developed with Koei Tecmo, Atlus finally reintroduced our favorite female character – Ann Takamaki in Persona 5 Scramble.

Still known as “Panther”, Persona 5 Scramble’s latest video is indeed focused on introducing Ann Takamaki as well as a variety of actions she can take later. From the side of the story, Anne still acts as a model in her third year of school with Morgana’s character being her biggest supporter. For the Japanese version, Nana Mizuki became a VA for her. Ann is seen still using the whip as the main weapon with a special attack that looks charming. She is also seen falling in love with Sophia who is adorable.

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