Through every arrow she shot from her ice bow, Ashe showed her ability as a good archer. She chose each of her targets carefully, waited for the right time, and attacked with strength and accuracy. With this she also pursued her dream to unite the tribes in the Freljord and lead them into a mighty land.

Even when she was young, Ashe always had big dreams. Amazed by giant old fortresses left by her predecessors, Ashe spends most of her time listening to stories about the famous Champion of the Freljord. Of all the stories, Avarosa is her favorite, the most famous queen who ever led the Freljord in its heyday.

Even though her mother always rebuked her dream which was considered impossible, Ashe vowed that one day she would join these scattered and hostile tribes. In the depths of his heart, she knew that if everyone in the Freljord joined to stand together once more, they would achieve greatness again.

However, when Ashe was 15 years old, her mother was killed in an attack by another tribe. Faced with the position of chief, Ashe made the difficult decision to pursue the dreams of her youth rather than seeking the revenge she wanted.

She continued to reject her tribe’s request to seek compensation, stating that the time had come to put aside hostility and begin to seek lasting peace. Some of her tribal warriors were unhappy with Ashe’s choice, and immediately an evil plan to target the young leader’s life emerged.

The killers attacked Ashe while he was out hunting, but their plans were thwarted by warnings from an eagle. Ashe saw how her own tribe members approached with their swords raised. Outnumbered and confused, Ashe ran for hours. In the end, she found himself in a no-man’s land, losing her weapon also in the confusion.

When everything looked dark, she heard another cry from the eagle, Ashe put her confidence in the creature and followed it to reach the vast plain. There she found the eagle perched on a pile of stones – an ancient Freljord grave. After giving Ashe a final look, the eagle flew away from her. Approaching the grave, Ashe felt her breath turn cold and a cold sensation pierced her bones. Seen to her the top stone was marked by a sign: Avarosa.

While admiring the sign. Ashe lifted the stone in an effort to protect herself, and at that moment she saw a weapon that had been stored for centuries: a bow carved from ice. She took the bow, cried out in pain as frost formed on her fingers, and lifted the bow from its resting place. Coldness flowed from the weapon into Ashe, awakening the great power that was hiding inside her.

Ashe turned to face the killers who were chasing her. She pulled his bow, and instinctively, created an ice arrow from the air around her. With just one arrow shot, she ended the rebellion against her. Ashe carefully replaced the stone, thanked Avarosa for the gift she had given, and returned to her tribe. Members of the Ashe tribe immediately recognized the weapon as a blessing given by Queen Freljord, Avarosa itself.

With a bow in her hand and her dream of peace throughout the entire Freljord, the Ashe tribe thrived, quickly becoming the largest in the Freljord. This tribe, known as Avarosan, stands together to pursue the same goal, the Frejlord who unite to achieve the glory of the past once again.

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