Cindy Moon

Silk is a female spider superhero from Marvel Comics.
Silk’s real identity is that Cind Moon is from Korea. she got the power of a spider like Spiderman when she was in high school. Cindi was bitten by the same spider that bit Peter Parker.

When Cindy first realized that she had strange powers, a man named Ezekiel Sims took her away. Ezekiel also trained Cindy Moon to control and master her spider abilities.

Until one day, Ezekiel Sims realized that CIndy Moon’s safety was being threatened. He learns that Cindy is being tracked and targeted by Morlun who wants to kill all the spider humans from Multiverse Marvel (in Spider-Verse).

In order to maintain the safety of Cindy Moon, Ezekiel then brought the spider woman to a special room in the underground. Ezekiel locked him in for years so Morlun and his family could not detect Cindy’s whereabouts.
Actually Cindy Moon could have escaped from the basement. But she chose to stay there because she realized there was an extraordinary threat from the outside world that was waiting for her.

Long story short, after 13 years have passed since Cindy locked in brackets and every day she felt an extraordinary boredom. Cindy was released into the outside world by Peter Parker. When invited out by Peter, Cindy initially refused and told Peter that he was being targeted by Morlun.

Peter Parker later explained that Morlun was dead and that no one was after the Spider Man. Feeling free and no longer threatened, Cindy returned to the outside world and made a costume out of a net to become a Superhero like Spiderman.

Since then Cindy Moon has become one of the new female superheroes, aka Silk. Silk is one of the spider humans who gained high popularity after Miles Morales, Scarlet Spider, and Superior Spiderman.

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