Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn (Harleen Quinzel) is an Arkham psychiatric psychiatrist who falls in love with the Joker. ‘Blind Love’ made her a criminal, ally, and lover of the ‘Clown Prince of Crime’. In the new 52 series, Harley Quinn is a member of Suicide Squad.

Harley Quinn was born with the real name Harleen Frances Quinzel. She has a mother who is rather rude but forgiving and an unreliable younger brother; Harley gave money to her brother several times, hoping her brother could improve his life, but without success. Harley’s father is no less problematic, she is known as a female con who often gets money from his victims.

The behavior of the father who did not pay attention to his family, turned out to be the main reason for Harley Quinn to become a psychiatrist, she wanted to be able to understand why his father acted that way.

Harley Quinn is described as a genius, being a student at Gotham State University on a gymnastic sports scholarship. She majored in psychology under the guidance of Dr. Odin Markus.

When compiling a thesis as a condition of graduation, Harley wants to prove a theory: ‘Someone violates the norms of society in two conditions, namely when they commit a crime and when they are in love’. She asked permission from Dr. Markus in order to be able to do an independent experiment, the object of the experiment is she and her boyfriend, Guy Kopski.

To test this theory, Harley lied to Guy, that she had committed various criminal acts, even shot Dr. Mark. Guy also took the initiative to protect his girlfriend by killing someone he considered Dr. Mark. Initially, Harley Quinn’s boyfriend thought he could do it without feeling guilty. But apparently, he was unable to eliminate his guilt which then made him want to kill himself. Unable to do it himself, Guy begged Harley to kill him in the name of love.

Guy finally dies, but it is unclear whether Harley was involved or not in his girlfriend’s suicide.

This incident left a trauma in Harley, slowly he began to believe that the world was always in a chaotic situation and there were no clear patterns or regularities. This belief is similar to what the Joker believed, this made Harley Quinn feel sympathy for the ‘Clown Prince of Crime’.

Harley, who felt the need to meet with the Joker, finally decided to work at the Arkham mental hospital. There, he asked for permission to be assigned to care for the Joker, arguing that she was doing research on serial killers.

In his first meeting with the Joker, she introduced himself as Dr. Harleen Quinzel and insisted that the ‘crazy’ villain call him by the name ‘Harley Quinn’ (the name of a medieval comedian). Initially, the Joker was silent. After a while, he laughed and asked if Harley was teasing him. When Harley approached, the Joker choked the mental doctor’s neck, but because Harley’s expression looked full of love, instead of being shocked, Joker let go of the doctor’s neck, and said that he was only joking.

Since then, the two lovebirds are getting closer and fostering a ‘forbidden’ relationship. Harley several times helped the Joker escape from Arkham.

When Batman managed to capture Harley, he was thrown into prison and lost his license to practice as a psychiatrist. Harley Quinn once argued that his actions in helping the Joker escape were part of the “crazy” villain’s healing therapy.

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