Irelia the Blade Dancer

Even as alittle child, Xan Irelia was fascinated by the grace and wonder of human movement. Under her grandmother’s tutelage, she learned the normal silk dances of her province—though she was dubious of their supposedly mystical connection to the Spirit of Ionia, Irelia’s love for the dances was real.

Seeking to master the art, she eventually left home to review with a number of Ionia’s most respected performers at the Placidium of Navori.

Irelia’s brothers and her father Lito had evidently protested; her entire family now lay in unmarked graves, within the gardens.

Ravaged by grief, the lass saw Duqal’s men hauling valuables from the house. Among the loot was an outsized metal crest, depicting the Xan family emblem. Irelia raced thereto , wrenching it from Noxian hands. The admiral himself hurled her to the bottom , and had his warriors shatter the crest with an important iron maul, before ordering them to dig a fresh grave for this upstart child.

As they surrounded her, Irelia averted her eyes, looking to the pieces of the Xan crest scattered on the bottom . From deep within her soul, she felt a wierd rhythm begin to beat. The shards of metal began to twitch, to twist, moving seemingly on their own, and Irelia felt the serene joy of the traditional dances another time …

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