A maniac and impulsive criminal who comes from the city of Zaun, Jinx lives to wreak havoc without caring about the consequences. By having many deadly weapons, she always left a loud explosion to generate chaos and panic in every action. Jinx really hates boredom, that’s why she wants to make the place she visited not boring with the mess she made.

No one knows for sure where Jinx came from, but many stories and news tell about her. There are some who say that she is the daughter of a gang member who hangs out with the wrong side and is either traumatized by too many murders that occur or even just driven by her crazy desires.

A number of parents in Zaun remember a figure who was very compatible with Jinx’s behavior and behavior in the past, but the figure they talked about was so far different from what they see now. That woman was once a sweet and innocent child of course, she had many creative ideas, and never once thought it would be like Jinx now. There are also those who say that Jinx is not human, she is a spirit of destruction, spreading havoc on thousands of people in Piltover in order to take revenge for the deaths of many Zauns.

Jinx appeared in front of the crowd in Roguery Night, a celebration tradition in which boys and girls there exchanged jokes with their families and neighbors. Jinx then appears by doing a lot of sabotage; the bridge was closed by a group of animals from Count Mei’s zoo which was released, then the road was blocked by many explosions so that it could not be passed, as well as road sign signs indicating as if the city had been moved to a new place. Jinx at that time had succeeded in spreading fear and chaos to all corners and brought the city into a panic. Good day for her

Many thought that the crime was the work of the Chem-punk gangs, the thing that made the gangs that roamed the city returned to force by Zaun. However, Jinx seems to be present in every mess that happens. Many reports still sound mysterious, some say she is a Zaun woman with blue hair, but she carries a Chemtech explosive, as well as a large cannon with sharks and Machine Gun that seems hard to believe the truth. If you think about it, how could a Zaun street kid have so many deadly weapons?

Jinx’s actions are getting crazy with the explosion that constantly comes terrorizing the city. Lots of art buildings in Piltover are painted by graffiti and destroyed into smoke scattered in the sky. No one was hurt, but the Clan leaders there were infuriated by their destroyed family work.

Jinx’s crimes continue week after week, with city guards still trying to arrest him. Jinx always marks the action by leaving graffiti painted on the wall aimed at the security guards at Piltover, Enforcer Vi. Until finally, from there, after tracing they finally got a name for the mastermind behind the chaos during Piltover.

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