Joker is Batman‘s mortal enemy. This character debuted in the # 1 Batman comics published in 1940, and has since become Batman’s most popular enemy. Joker is known as a smart criminal with a clown-like appearance. Despite not having superhuman strength, this “crazy” villain is the most troublesome opponent of the bat man.

The origin of the Joker was told in Detective Comics # 168, published in 1951. In the comic, the Joker is a criminal named “Red Hood”, who fell into a tank filled with chemical liquid. The chemical liquid turned him into a figure with pale white skin, green hair, and a strange smile.

Joker is a character with a mysterious past. The origin story version also tends to change. This adds to the Joker’s appeal as a character.

Although some comic writers have presented Joker’s background story, none have been recognized as official versions, even the original name is still confusing.

One of Joker’s past stories that is most popular is the aging writer Alan Moore in his comic “Batman: The Killing Joke”. This comic shows the Joker as a chemical factory engineer who decided to quit his job in order to pursue his dream as a stand-up comedian, but ultimately failed to achieve his dream.

Desperate and want to support his pregnant wife, Jeannie, he also agreed to conspire with two criminals to rob the factory where he worked first.

The two criminals gave him the role of “Red Hood”, a role always given to “insiders” in their robbery. In fact, the role of “Red Hood” is a cunning way the two villains bestow all the blame on “insiders”. People who play the role of Red Hood always look like leaders or “brains” who will usually get the most severe punishment if they are caught by the police.

While planning their action, a police officer called the engineer and reported that his wife and child, who were still in the womb, had died.

Feeling deep sadness, he tried to cancel the robbery plan, but the two criminals forced him to keep his word.

The stairs had fallen. As soon as he and his accomplices entered the factory, they were immediately caught red-handed by factory security officers, exchanging gunfire was inevitable. The two villains were shot dead, while when the engineer tried to escape, Batman deftly confronted him. Scared, he tried to jump. But unlucky, he even fell into a chemical liquid tank.

When the engineer survived and found himself stranded in a pond. He saw his reflection in the pool. Her skin turned white as chalk, her lips turned red, and her hair looked bright green. This change in appearance, coupled with various sad events that day, changed his behavior and character. This is the starting point of Joker’s birth.

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