Among the onslaught of many MMO games today, League of Legends has become one of the older games that has been able to survive until now. Riot remains consistent in bringing regular updates and new competitions with fantastic prizes that keep the game alive. After 11 years of coloring the world of E-sports, not feel League of Legends has set foot in the 2020 season.

To welcome this, Riot presents a cinematic trailer that looks cool and full of action for the Champions. Among the many champions there were, Lux became one of the most to steal the attention. Where the face and hair models look very similar to adult film actress – Eva Elfie.

Whether intentional or not, but Lux’s new face model in the cinematic trailer is indeed very similar to Eva. And of course Lux’s new appearance is currently busy being a conversation, because it does look much prettier than before and because of its similarities with the Eva. What do you think, is Eva Elfie fit to be the “real life” version of Lux?

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