Miku Nakano

Miku Nakano is the third child of five Nakano sisters. She has long, wavy brown hair and used to use headphones. Just like her four sisters, she is also blessed with a sizeable asset and has dark blue eyes. Miku actually has pigtail-style hair, but it’s only in the manga series one-shot.

For clothes, Miku usually wears a sweater that covers her entire school uniform. She also wears thick black stockings and usually hangs his headphones around her neck. It reaches 165 cm high. The voice of the Miku character voiced by the Miku Itou, one of the personnel of the Pyxis duo.

If you’ve watched the anime adaptation, at least you know why this plus point is posted here. Yep, Miku became the second person (first Yotsuba) to approve Fuutarou as her tutor after being able to reject it outright. Fuutarou who tried hard to (at least) align himself with him, managed to win his trust. Until his character develops, and Fuutarou realizes that Miku has more perseverance than her sisters.

Like Ichika, if Miku has the motivation to achieve her dreams, she can improve her values ​​for the better. Especially with the frequency of “learning together” with Fuutarou is high.

Miku has an interest in Sengoku Jidai, somehow the story is that he could be interested in that period. But Miku once explained that she liked the philosophies that emerged, which influenced her life. But does she really like dashing men with mustaches and elegant beards?

The wallpaper on Miku’s smartphone uses the diamond-shaped Takeda clan symbol. Not surprisingly, Miku turned out to be a big fan of Takeda Shingen, a daimyo from Kai province. Negi Haruba, this series also depicts Miku and Fuutarou fighting knowledge about Japanese history by using a protector and Furinkazan similar to Takeda Shingen’s. But this attraction must be covered up for all his sisters, perhaps because of lack of confidence to express it.

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