Mobile Legends

Mobile legends is MOBA platform games that similar to League of Legends or DOTA.

  • Mobile Legends is a game developed and released by Moontoon developer.
  • This game can be played on the Android and iOS mobile platforms.
  • This one MOBA game succeeded in stealing the attention of gamers in Asia since 2016.
  • This game is played by 10 people who are divided into 2 teams.
  • The game starts with each player choosing 1 hero from the list of heroes that can be accessed by the player. Available heroes are heroes that have been purchased and heroes that are being ‘loaned’ for free to players by the system. In other words, not all heroes can be directly played.
  • The duration of the game is around 15 minutes for 1 round.

And here are some HD Quality wallpaper of Mobile Legends Hero and their Skins for your device.

Akai (Tank)

Aldous (Fighter)

Alice (Mage)

Alpha (Fighter)

Alucard (Fighter)

Angela (Support)

Argus (Fighter)

Aurora (Mage)

Badang (Fighter)

Balmond (Fighter)

Bane (Fighter)

Belerick (Tank)

Bruno (Marksman)

Cecilion (Mage)

Chou (Fighter)

Claude (Marksman)

Clint (Marksman)

Cyclops (Mage)

Diggie (Support)

Dyrroth (Fighter)

Esmeralda (Mage)

Estes (Support)

Eudora (Mage)

Fanny (Assassin)

Faramis (Mage)

Franco (Tank)

Freya (Fighter)

Gatotkaca (Tank)

Gord (mage)

Granger (Marksman)

Grock (Tank)

Guinevere (Fighter)

Gusion (Assassin)

Hanabi (Marksman)

Hanzo (Assassin)

Harith (Mage)

Harley (Mage)

Hayabusa (Assassin)

Helcurt (Assassin)

Hilda (Tank)

Hylos (Tank)

Irithel (Marksman)

Jawhead (Fighter)

Johnson (Tank)

Kagura (Mage)

Kaja (Fighter)

Karina (Assassin)

Karrie (Marksman)

Kufra (Tank)

Lancelot (Assassin)

Lapu-Lapu (Fighter)

Layla (Marksman)

Leomord (Fighter)

Lesley (Marksman)

Ling (Assassin)

Lolita (Tank)

Lylia (Mage)

Martis (Fighter)

Masha (Fighter)

Minotaur (Tank)

Minsitthar (Fighter)

Miya (Marksman)

Moskov (Marksman)

Nana (Support)

Natalia (Assassin)

Odette (Mage)

Pharsa (Mage)

Rafaela (Support)

Roger (Fighter)

Ruby (Fighter)

Saber (Assassin)

Selena (Assassin)

Sun (Fighter)

Terizla (Fighter)

Thamuz (Fighter)

Tigreal (Tank)

Uranus (Tank)

Valir (Mage)

Vexana (Mage)

Wanwan (Marksman)

X-Borg (Fighter)

Yi Sun-Shin (Marksman)

Zhask (Mage)