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‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ opens with a scene where Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) with the Knights of Ren (a deadly and mysterious servant for Kylo Ren) is slaughtering nation on a planet to urge artifacts pointing to the place where Emperor Palpetine and therefore the Siths gathered.

After that, the scene changes when Rey (Daisy Ridley) is undergoing training as a Jedi trained by Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher). But at that point , Rey felt uneasy if he wasn’t sure he could become a Jedi needless to say . In other circumstances, Trio Poe Dameron (Oscar Issac), Finn (John Boyega), and Chewbacca are investigating news about bad things that would cause great warfare.

In the middle of the film, questions arising from the 2 previous Star Wars films slowly get answers. Emperor Palpatine who was known to possess been killed by Darth Vader in Star Wars episode 6 “Return of the Jedi” finally appeared on the Exogal planet and was met by Kylo Ren. Palpetine can stay alive because he absorbs the facility of varied Siths. There, Palpetine asked Ren to kill Rey and was promised to be the leader of the ultimate Order (the greatest evil power after the primary Order) which Palpatine had secretly prepared.

But Kylo Ren has other thoughts. He still wants to ask Rey to hitch the darkside and master the universe, because Kylo Ren knows the most important secret of Rey’s origins that have haunted him. But once more , Rey refused the invitation albeit in his heart and vision, Jedi Rey knew that indeed he had a dark side in him.

The dark side that was owned by Rey was directly associated with Palpetine. Why? Because Rey is that the grandson of Darth Sidious, which suggests Rey is that the son of Luke Skywalker. that’s the most important answer also as unexpected facts given during this film. In one battle scene Rey and Kylo Ren also show that Rey can finally emit an equivalent quite lightning power as Palpetine.

If drawn from the history of the Skywalker family, Luke’s father is Anakin Skywalker aka Darth Vader who was born from his mother named Shimi. within the film, Anakin’s father has never been told in the least , but during a Marvel comic titled “Darth Vader” it’s explained that Ms. Anakin was impregnated with Palpetine using her own dark force.

Another fact during this film is that the move of Kylo Ren from the dark side to the sunshine side after learning that her mother, Leia Organa, must die while trying to speak with herself while fighting Rey on Planet Endor. Shortly after, he was approached by the important spirit of his father, Han Solo, who returned to convince Kylo Ren’s feelings that inside him was still stored on the great side.

After turning to the sunshine side again, Kylo Ren who returned to Ben Solo followed Rey who came to ascertain Palpatine in Exagol to end the war that had never ended. Meanwhile, there was a fierce battle between the Rebellion troops and Final Order which had many Star Destroyers and its mass destruction weapons. Poe and Finn become twin generals who lead the resistance.

The film closes with an equivalent formula because the two previous trilogy: light side succeeds in defeating the dark side and there’s a central figure who finally dies, during this case Kylo Ren. Kylo Ren or Ben Solo sacrificed their lives to revive Rey after being killed during a duel with Palpatine who was previously killed by Rey. additionally , Rebellion destroyed the ultimate Order and won the war.

In addition to new characters and droids being introduced, Star Wars: the increase of Skywalker also features old faces that play a crucial role within the story saga, like the looks of Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and therefore the old Lando Calrissian.

Although the hype and euphoria of this film feels very big, but this film also has shortcomings especially for “old children” Star Wars. The shortcoming lies within the way the film’s story feels very predictable and surprising moments that are only few.

For those that haven’t watched the films before, it’d be a touch difficult to acknowledge the important role of variety of characters. However, in terms of the story can still be understood.

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