Sakura Matou

For anime fans, Sakura’s popularity is definitely not as famous as Saber and Tohsaka Rin’s, but for fans of visual novels, it could be she is their favorite heroine figure. Sakura Matou is the girl who will become a heroine (the main female protagonist for the male protagonist) in an alternative story from Fate / stay night Heaven’s Feel.

This girl shows her smile more often to Emiya Shirou the protagonist of Fate / stay night. Beyond that, her expression seemed to conceal anxieties, fears, doubts, and life’s disguises.

Almost every morning, Sakura went to Shirou’s house to prepare breakfast for the protagonist. As if she never seemed at home, Sakura often joined breakfast with Shirou and Taiga in the house. Her smile always fluffy sweet when the moment she lived.

Sakura seemed so loyal and wanted to continue to be by Shirou’s side because it was this man who often protected Sakura from harassment that was often done by Sakura’s brother, Matou Shinji. Shirou’s great sympathy for Sakura made the girl feel safe near Shirou.

Saber and Rin still have the power to protect themselves, while Sakura — at the same time has no control over her own life and lives. Like a doll or a slave who is only a toy for her employer.

The jerks who destroyed her balance were none other than Matou’s own family: Matou Zouken, the ambitious head of the family who claimed to be Sakura’s grandfather and Matou Shinji who always harassed Sakura in many forms.

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