A healer with star magic, Soraka holds all living things close to her heart. She was once a heavenly being, but she gave up her immortality and entered the mortal world. As long as crime still threatens in Valoran, Soraka will not be calm.

Soraka lived for hundreds of years in enchanting shrubs. A creature of stars, she healed the sick and they also sought her. Someone named Warwick came to her place and asked to heal his wife, who lay lifeless. His sadness touched the heart of Soraka.

Although it was too late to save her, she offered to heal the wound from his loss. Not wanting to let go of his sadness he ran away from there, but returned after a few days to hear Soraka’s guidance. He began to bond with that person. One day Warwick told him that he had found the person who killed his wife. He believes revenge will heal his wounds – and if he dies, at least he can find peace. Although he begged him, Warwick did not care and left the thicket. A voice from a star says don’t follow it, but Soraka has to intervene.

She entered the mortal world for the first time, and immediately saw Warwick struggling against a group of young men. He tried to cure her, but for every wound he closed, they caused two others. Soraka realized she had to fight to save him.

The stars screamed in her mind, not to use her strength to harm people. Ignoring it, she attacked them with a ray of light. Shouting fear and protecting her eyes from the divine light, they left. Soraka’s divine form faded and her star became silent – because of her resistance, she became human.

She still felt the power of the stars in it, but there was no more guidance. She took care of Warwick, healed his wound, but the young man he considered his friend stabbed him.

While he was bleeding, Soraka realized she had lied to him, and all of this was sheer deception. Feeling ashamed and betrayed he summoned the power of the stars, burning and cursing him. He left with a cry of pain, leaving Soraka to see his destiny.

Even though his life has changed, he feels empowered for one purpose. No longer in the thicket, Soraka explored the mortal world, vowing to heal the sick and protect the weak.

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