Spider Gwen

For fans of Gwen Stacy in the Amazing Spider-Man comic, there may still be a sense of disappointment because of the departure of a very long time (some Marvel comic characters have died and before long usually revived).

Fans really hope that Gwen comes back to life for the Amazing Spider-Man comic series. Unfortunately that hope cannot be granted by Marvel, at least for Earth-616.

Because Marvel creates a new Gwen for fans as Spider Gwen. Spider-Gwen is Gwen’s alternative in Earth-65 in. On Earth-616 Peter Parker was not bitten by radioactive spiders, Gwen was bitten instead. Gwen realized that the spider bite gave her spider power.

Gwen from Earth-65 is similar to Peter Parker Earth-616 who uses his power for personal gain. Gwen befriends Peter Parker in the Earth-65 version because Peter is the weakest student and has always been a victim of bullying. Gwen always protects Peter and Gwen tells the power of her spider to Peter.

Peter really wanted to be something special like Gwen and Peter made a serum that made him turn into a Lizard. Gwen is forced to attack Peter who lost control because of the Lizard serum effect. In the midst of the battle Peter died suddenly because the serum effect was still not perfect and made Gwen feel responsible. Then she vowed to be a hero to pay for her mistakes for failing to save Peter.

Gwen immediately made spider costumes and jumped into New York City to help people from crime as Spider-Woman. Spider-Gwen first appeared in the Spider-Verse comic # 2 in the Amazing Spider-Man story event section. Spider-Gwen’s design received a very positive response by the reader so that the publisher of Marvel made a new comic titled Spider-Gwen vol 1 with the format on going series.

Spider-Gwen vol 1 # 1 received a positive review by the famous comic critic IGN who gave a value of 8.4 for the first series with sales reaching 250,000 copies in February 2015.

Spider-Gwen’s popularity was very high and some fans made Spider-Gwen the Movie Trailer on YouTube hoping there are directors who want to make a live action version and hopefully it will really happen.

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