Almost everyone knows who Superman is. Superman is one of the first comic superhero figures. Its existence inspired the appearance of various other superhero characters. Now, after more than 70 years of age.

Superman is not only one of the most popular superhero characters, but also one of the most fictional characters known to the public. Although it is well known, we feel there are still many people who are not familiar with the history of superman.

Superman was born under the name Kal-El, son of scientists Krypton Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van. When Jor-El’s father realized that the planet Krypton would be destroyed, he and his wife decided to send Kal-El to planet Earth with a space rocket.

This rocket landed safely on Earth, precisely in the state of Kansas. Kal-El baby was discovered by a Kent couple who finally decided to adopt and name the baby Clark Kent.

Growing up, thanks to the light from the yellow sun, Kal-El gained superhuman strength, something his parents had predicted in Krypton.

Graduating from school, Clark decided to move to the town of Smallville and work as a reporter for the Daily Planet. In this city, Clark was active in his heroic activities and people began to recognize him by the name “Superman”.

So far, the story of the origin of Superman has been rewritten several times. The essence of the story has not changed much, what the comic writers do is only to add a few new details to the story, in order to maintain the relevance of Superman to the changing times.

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