Thanos was born on Titan, the son of Eternals Mentor and Sui-San. Since childhood, Thanos already has a disorder. He is a descendant of the Eternal race, but has the Deviant gene. This disorder makes it look different and stronger than the population of Titan in general. Thanos loves and admires Mistress Death, the embodiment of death in the Marvel Universe. He did a lot of damage and murder in order to prove his love for the entity of death.

Born to Eternal Mentor and Sui-san, Thanos since childhood has had a disorder. He is a descendant of the Eternal race but has the Deviant gene. As a result, he became a mutant figure in the middle of his people, has a hard purple skin (like animal skin) and a large body. The Thanos form is in sharp contrast to the Eternal race which has a more beautiful appearance than humans. In addition, this gene mutation also increases the power he can get as a descendant of this superior race.

Although not ostracized by his family, Thanos was shunned and feared by residents of Titan because of his disorder. His brother, Eros, had been prepared since childhood as his father’s successor to lead the Titans. Eros is always surrounded by family and friends who love him, whereas Thanos is more often alone and shunned by people. Thanos is a moody child and obsessed with the concept of death.

When growing up, through bionic technology and meditation for a long time, Thanos continued to increase his strength, until finally far exceeding the power of the Eternal race in general.

With increasing power, Thanos’s ambition to rule was even greater. He stole a ship from his people and went to recruit a rented army. Armed with a fleet that is not too large, he destroyed his homeland Titan with nuclear weapons. Almost all of Titan’s inhabitants perished, including Thanos’s own mother, Sui-san.

After slaughtering his own people, Thanos made himself the ruler of Titan and made Earth the next target of conquest.

At one time in his life, Thanos met with Mistress Death, an embodiment of death in the Marvel Universe. This death entity seems to be attracted to Thanos because of his dedication to the concept of nihilsm and his willingness to carry out massacres, even to his own people.

For the first time, Thanos felt love for another creature. He fell in love with Mrs. Death, which is actually nothing more than a manifestation of death. In order to impress the death entity, he plans to gain more power and power. Then begins the journey of conquering Thanos various worlds.

To achieve his goal, Thanos gathered a large number of troops and increased the power he possessed. After watching the planet Earth for a long time, he got information about a powerful object called the Cosmic Cube. Thanos managed to get an object that was able to manipulate the reality and use it to control the entire universe.

Thanos, who turned into a powerful entity thanks to the Cosmic Cube, is blocked by Avengers and Captain Marvel, Kree people who previously defeated Thanos’s fleet. Although assisted by Captain Marvel, the Avengers are still unable to do much against Thanos.

When Thanos thinks the Cosmic Cube has run out of energy, he no longer uses the object. Seeing this, Mar-Vell quickly took the object and used it to restore the universe to its original state. Thanos who no longer has the Cosmic Cube, returned to its original form and was defeated.

The failure of Thanos to present the Earth to Mrs. Death, makes the death entity leave it. This makes Thanos devastated and sad. However, this failure is not the end for Thanos. He remains thirsty for strength and power. He never gave up proving his love for the only creature he ever loved, Mrs. Death

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