Tinkerbell HD Wallpaper

TinkerBell is a Disney icon that is quite popular. We know him through the film Peter Pan. TinkerBell is Peter’s best friend who always helps the never grown up boy … As I recall, when I read the story of Peter Pan, I was having a hard time with TinkerBell. In fact, I was resentful of the character Wendy who distracted Peter from TinkerBell.

TinkerBell was born in Pixie Hollow, like all the other fairies in Neverland. Each fairy was given a different talent, and they all worked together to make the season change in mainland.

What is meant by mainland in this film is London. Several types of fairies based on their talents exist; the fast flying fairy (which regulates the wind), water fairy, animal fairy, light fairy, garden fairy, they are all classified into the fairy of all talent, whose job is to bring spring to the mainland.

Besides them there are winter fairy, summer fairy and autumn fairy. All fairies that have natural talent are called nature talent fairy. Then, what fairy is TinkerBell? As the name suggests, she is the Tinker Fairy, or fairy craftsman.

Her job is to create goods for other fairy purposes. TinkerBell feels that this talent is less important and less cool. So he wants to be a fairy who has a natural talent, well … this film tells about TinkerBell’s efforts to how she finally found her true identity.

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