Venom is one of the anti-hero characters born in the Marvel world. Initially, Venom was a symbiot or a sample of life that the Life Foundation brought from outer space. This symbiot was tried by several people, but there was no suitable body.

Unexpectedly, the body of a reporter named Eddie Brock fits in with the symbiot. The two were united until the birth of Venom, a black and large monster, with large white eyes, sharp teeth, with a gripping voice.

According to the original version of the comic, Eddie Brock briefly exposed the identity of the serial killer to be captured by Spiderman. However, Eddie accused the wrong person, making him humiliated to the point of wanting to commit suicide.

One night, he came in contact with a symbiot who had possessed Peter Parker or Spider-Man (remember the black Spider-Man costume? The costume is told about the result of the unity of Spider-Man with the symbiot). Eddie turned into Venom after being united with the symbiot.

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