What is waifu? Waifu is one among the terms we most frequently hear from Anime fans. additionally , waifu is additionally one among the terms within the Anime film community, which is usually asked by people that aren’t Anime fans.

Among Anime fans, the term waifu has long been known. It’s just that lately, the word “waifu” is usually mentioned in cyberspace, especially in online communities specifically for Anime films.

The Origins of the Waifu Term

Let’s start from where does the term waifu come from? Waifu is one among the foremost popular terms among Anime fans, especially men. Where, this term refers to the feminine Anime characters who are used as their idols.

Waifu may be a Japanese slang term, which is absorbed into Japanese from English word “Wife” which suggests wife. This originated from English word “wife” which if spoken by a Japanese person would sound like “waifu”.

Understanding Waifu

At now you’ll have “a little” know what waifu is. Where, the term “waifu” are often interpreted as a favourite female Anime character. This term is widely employed by male Anime fans to acknowledge the idol female anime characters.

And his idol female anime character is then recognized as a girlfriend or his own wife. Usually, anime characters that are made as waifu are female anime characters that have beautiful looks.

Waifu phenomenon

Now, there’s a phenomenon about waifu among Anime fans, where there are some Anime fans who are willing to devote themselves to their waifu, by reading Manga, watching Anime films, and playing their games, where the waifu character appears.

Even worse, there are some anime fans who are only curious about the waifu character, and not curious about real humans. they’re what are called by the name “Nijikon”.

In fact, there are a number of these “Nijikon”, who marry to their idol Anime characters, and do not marry within the world .

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