For those of you fans of the Marvel character, certainly no stranger to Wolverine. One member of the X-Men is known as a superhero who has a wild animal instinct.

Wolverine was born under the name James Howlett, but has another nickname Logan or Weapon-X. The word Wolverine itself comes from the name of an animal from California which is believed to be the incarnation of the devil.

Wolverine is the object of an Experiment Super Soldier, chaired by William Stryker. Wolverine has a strong framework made of Adamantium, a type of metal that only exists in the fictional world of Marvel Comics, along with its three claws that can slip in and out of between the fingers.

Before becoming an object of experiment, Wolverine has had its own features as a mutant. It can heal wounds or illnesses on its own quickly besides having the senses and instincts of wild animals.

It is this privilege that makes Stryker interested in making it an object for super army experiments. Then they created a team headed by Wolverine.

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